Saturday, February 5, 2011

NWC Stuff

If you have been looking for the web sites where you can get New World Celt products, here are links to them:

Original Cafe Press site

All of these sites have a great selection of designs and products. 

Recently I got a request from our Heavy Athletes to order shirts that included a variety of styles, colors and different logos on the front and back.  I ended up ordering them from another site, Customized Girl.  To order from this site you will need to have the logos you want on the products to upload.  I already have an account with the logos uploaded so if you are interested in their products, contact me l and I can place the order for you.

gr8grafix Cafe Press site

 I try to continually add new products and designs to my gr8grafix sites so check them every so often.  I usually put a notice on Facebook to keep everyone up to date on new stuff.  Let me know if there are products, designs, or combinations of designs you would like to see.  I can always add them.

My latest design is a logo for NWC Heavy Athletics.  If there are other groups within the organization that would like to have their own logo, I can work on that too.

gr8grafix Zazzle site
Notice that on Zazzle you can "customize" your products.  For example, you can add your name and chapter to the front of a shirt where the logo is on the back.  Let me know if you need help or if the combination you are looking for is not available.  I'll see if it is possible to add it.

These web sites are intended for times when you are looking for small quantities of a product.  If  you need larger quantities, usually 6 or more of a shirt, it may be more economical to have them screen printed from a local company.  Also, the Bradenton Chapter, Dunedin and others, order festival shirts in large quantities.  If you are looking for a generic shirt that you can sell to the general public.  Contact Erika Cox or me about these larger orders to see if anyone has shirts or is placing an order.  If we order together we can get better prices.  Erika and I are always available to answer your questions on marketing products.


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  1. Love the bumper sticker! Hail to the Celts! Patrick Walsh